Carlisle Pediatric Associates
Specializing in the care of infants, children and adolescents.


Carlisle Pediatric Associates provides a broad spectrum of services to infants, children, adolescents, and families. Our practice emphasis is on preventative care. Accordingly, we offer well child care, immunizations, sports physicals, growth and development assessments, and consultations. We have daily appointments, weekend emergency hours, and extended winter hours to evaluate children who are ill. It is important to us that your child can be seen by a pediatrician when needed.

Minor surgical services available in our office include suturing and bonding of lacerations, removal of skin lesions, surgical treatment of ingrown toenails, drainage of boils, and treatment of warts. We also treat fractures and sprains with splinting and casting in cases where orthopedic consultation is not required.

Adolescent gynecological examinations are offered by our female practitioners. Contraceptive counseling, Pap smears and STD testing are included when indicated or requested.

Attention Deficit Disorder assessment and management
is provided when indicated for our patients. Our assessments are based on school, parent, and physician evaluations. School evaluations are required prior to a consultation appointment.

Mental Health issues such as depression and anxiety are addressed from a medical standpoint and treated, usually in conjunction with behavioral therapy.

Hypnotherapy is now recognized as a promising treatment for certain childhood and adolescent behavior concerns such as fears and phobias, mild anxiety, habits, insomnia, bed wetting, stress, and tics. It is also used for pain management including headaches, nausea, recurrent stomachaches, and migraines. Typically children and teens can learn the empowering skills of self-hypnosis in the first few visits. An audio CD is also provided as children are encouraged to practice at home. Hypnotherapy is offered as primary or adjunctive therapy by Dr. Elena Man who is a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

We are on staff at Carlisle Regional Medical Center and provide care for newborns in the nursery at the Women’s Center. We also provide inpatient and Emergency Room consultations when needed to pediatric patients.

For many years CPA doctors provided inpatient pediatric care and ran a busy children’s unit in the hospital. With the advances in outpatient treatment of pediatric diseases, improved outpatient medication management, and development of new vaccines virtually eliminating many diseases that were major causes of hospitalization, we have found the need to hospitalize children is infrequent. Realizing this and the improved inpatient care given when children are admitted to a dedicated pediatric unit, we decided that it was in the best interest of our patients if we discontinued inpatient hospital care and admit our patients to a larger hospital with a pediatric unit and dedicated pediatric nurses and hospital personnel. Our patients requiring inpatient care are now admitted to Hershey Medical Center, Harrisburg Hospital, or York Hospital and treated by pediatric hospitalists with whom we maintain close contact.
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