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Offering a wide range of patient services:



  • Carlisle Pediatric Associates provides a broad spectrum of services to infants, children, adolescents, and families. Our practice emphasis is on preventative care. Accordingly, we offer well child care, immunizations, sports physicals, growth and development assessments, and consultations. We have daily appointments, weekend emergency hours, and extended winter hours to evaluate children who are ill. It is important to us that your child can be seen by a pediatrician when needed. 

  • Minor surgical services available in our office include suturing and bonding of lacerations, removal of skin lesions, surgical treatment of ingrown toenails, drainage of boils, and treatment of warts. We also treat fractures and sprains with splinting and casting in cases where orthopedic consultation is not required. 

  • Adolescent gynecological examinations are offered by our female practitioners. Contraceptive counseling, Pap smears and STD testing are included when indicated or requested. 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder assessment and management is provided when indicated for our patients. Our assessments are based on school, parent, and physician evaluations. School evaluations are required prior to a consultation appointment. 

  • Mental Health issues such as depression and anxiety are addressed from a medical standpoint and treated, usually in conjunction with behavioral therapy.                                                           

  • Travel Clinic- Dr. Holly Hoffman is trained in travel medicine and can provide counseling, vaccines and preparation for international travel by families and older students. IMPORTANT: due to the need for multiple spaced doses of some vaccines, or to order vaccines, please make this appointment 6 months in advance of travel if at all possible. Also, be aware that many insurances consider travel a "luxury" and may not cover all medications or vaccines; check with your carrier before the appointment. At this time, Yellow Fever vaccine is still on national shortage. If you are required to have it for entry into the country to which you are traveling, please contact Hershey Medical Center's Travel Clinic at 2626 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110, Phone: 717-232-5443 to schedule the alternative emergency vaccine, Stamaril.

  • The doctors are on the Consulting Staff at UPMC-Pinnacle Carlisle and provide Emergency Room consultations when needed. Newborns are cared for by hospital physicians who coordinate care with our office when your baby is discharged. The hospital no longer has a pediatric floor. Our patients requiring inpatient care are admitted to UPMC-Pinnacle West Shore, Hershey Medical Center, UPMC-Pinnacle Harrisburg, or York Hospital and treated by pediatric hospitalists, with whom we maintain close contact. 

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