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                                                                          Please sign up for our Carlisle Pediatric Associates Patient Portal.


                                                                           All you need is an email account.   Simply call the office to create an account. 

                                                                    Taking just a few minutes to register will give you access to                                                                valuable information in a secure and confidential manner 24/7 - when it suits you.


                                                                  Our Portal is not to be used for URGENT same-day matters.

                                                                 For matters which need answered the same day please call our office at 243-1943. 

                                                In case of a medical emergency - please dial 911.

Once registered and logged in you will be able to:

 * Exchange NON-URGENT messages with our practice

 * Request: Referrals and Prescription Refills

 * Print: Vaccine Records

 * Review: Lab results

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